Allergy Information:

All component parts I use to make my jewellery are bought as being "Lead Free".  I purchase components from various sellers, large companies, individuals and small businesses throughout the UK, India, China, Spain, U.S.A and France.

All earring wires are made from either plated metal, stainless steel or alloy metal (I.E. NOT Silver, Gold etc) and have also been purchased as "Lead free".

However, if you have recently had your ears pierced for the first time, or you have a pre-existing allergy or reaction to plated metals/costume jewellery (I.E materials that are not hallmarked) it is STRONGLY ADVISED that you DO NOT purchase any of my wearable metallic items.

If you are in any doubt, please just ask when you see me at events (in person) or via email. I would much rather have a happy customer that truly loves wearing their item than make a sale to someone that can not wear it or isn't able to enjoy it.

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